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Getting started

Getting started

Jump right into creating your content. The information in this category will help you start creating content, build structure, and use block editor – a key element of CMS.

Intranet Features

See what your Intranet has to offer. This category is a practical guide to features which will help you use its full potential.

Content Management

CMS Overview

In this section you will find the description of the block editor concept, page creation process, draft and public version, and you will learn how and where pages are created in navigation.

Content blocks

Content which already exists on your Intranet can also be enriched with various elements. Thanks to its variety of blocks, workai.intranet offers you a wide range of ways to extend functionality of pages.

Content Types

To use workai.intranet effectively, you should be acquainted with different types of content that will allow you to create friendly, nice, and useful pages.

Content lifecycle & Permissions

Before you start to prepare yourself to use the Intranet content management system, one of the things you should focus on is learning about the lifecycle of content, permissions, as well as content management rules.

Administration Guides

Administration Panel

The platform has an administration panel that can be used to manage some areas of workai.intranet. The Admin panel contains such sections as Common settings, Homepage, Navigation, Users, Content, and External integration.